International Workshop on Big Web Data (BigWebData2018)


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July 22nd, 2018

The Web Information and System Engineering conference series has established itself as the major annual event for the discussion on the novel challenges related to the efficient data storing and processing. Big data offers a lot of opportunities in terms of the increasing business value, efficiency, and productivity of the data processing platforms, but also introduces a lot of challenges that are related to the amount, heterogeneous structure, and the generating frequency of the data on the Web.

Along with the traditional problems related to the amount and frequency of new data generation, the newly-appearing challenges are related to the heterogeneous nature of data and the impact of data volumes on the value of applications using those data. From the technological perspective, the age of big data presents a variety of challenges in how to store, access, handle, stream, process, and analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data effectively. Using high performance computing and cloud infrastructures is essential in dealing with these issues. In the near term, the major issue with the big data oriented applications will be to find new ways to leverage the technology available today to improve the performance and scalability, reduce response time, figure out more efficient ways to deliver services to end-users, and meet the growing demand for virtualized (web and cloud) big data services.

The workshop will serve as a discussion forum on the web-scale data applications, as well as the technologies that enable scaling up the current data processing techniques to the size that is envisioned by the future Web. The workshop will look for applications with challenging requirements to processing and storing frameworks and infrastructures, as well as for the technologies addressing those requirements. Owing to our previous experience of organizing such workshops in collocation with WISE conference, we expect a successful (in terms of participation auditory and quality of presentations) event.

Event Information

The workshop addresses the current and future challenges related to the development of web-scale data-centric applications. The main topics of interest for the workshop are grouped in four main tracks (web-scale application scenarios, databases and storage technologies, big data analytics integrated solutions, parallelization and scaleup techniques), as follows:

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