WASP Soccer Game: Trouble Shooting

  • I got trapped in a VRML world and can't move anymore.
    Blaxxun suggests to do the following:
    Right-click in the 3D window and choose 'Restore' or any viewpoint from the 'Viewpoints' submenu (keyboard shortcuts 'ESC' or 'Page up','PageDown'), this will put you in a safe starting position. Or you could turn Collision detection off (again right-click in the 3D window and deselect 'Collision test' in the 'Movement' submenu, shortcut 'Ctrl+Shift+C'), then you can move freely. Within blaxxun Contact this occurs if a bigger avatar enters the world exactly where you are standing (you get 'stuck' inside him). Other causes are strange geometries (e.g. an X-shaped one), where you don't see the walls prohibiting your movement, or an area with loads of sensors, where you lose the regular navigation cursor. In the latter case you still can navigate, but be sure to not release the mouse button while you are still over a sensor.

  • How can I kick the ball?
    You can kick the ball if you get close enough to the ball. Select 'View my avatar' on the Blaxxun Contact Panel so that you can see the ball if you get too close to the ball.

  • The program does not run after refresh/reload.
    You have to close the web browser, and then restart the web browser.

  • I cannot see the dialogue message of the game.
    You can see the dialogue message of the game in Java Console if you launch this link. However, make sure that the Java Console has been enabled under the Internet Explorer. If not, Select the following: Tools -- Internet Options -- Advanced -- Microsoft VM -- Java Console enabled. In order to see the Java Console, select View -- Java Console under the Internet Explorer, select Communicator -- Tools -- Java Console under the Netscape Communicator.