MORE: Multi-version Ontology REasoner

MORE is a multi-version ontology reasoner which is based on a temporal logic approach. MORE is powered by XDIG, an extended DIG Decription Logic Interface for Prolog, in particular, for SWI-Prolog.

Functionalities of MORE

  • Temporal reasoning queries
  • Ontology comparison queries
  • Version retrieval queries
  • Relative/absolute version numbering queries
  • Multiple ontology language support, including DIG data format and OWL.


    Download the MORE package (version 0.8.0) for Windows2000/WindowsXP.
    Download the MORE package (version 0.8.0) for Linux.

    The package includes a MORE server, an XDIG package, and a MORE testbed.
    MORE requires an external DL reasoner which supports the DIG DL interface, like Racer. XDIG requires SWI-Prolog (version 5.4.7, or higher).


    Download the MORE document (SEKT Deliverable D3.5.1)


    Screenshots of the MORE Testbed

    Contact Zhisheng Huang if you have any comment or suggestion.