WASP  Soccer Game

WASP soccer game is a test bed  for intelligent agent avatars, which are developed for WASP project. WASP is a Dutch research project for Web Agent Support Program. The intelligent agent avatars in this tested have the following functions:

This testbed uses the technologies of Web agents,  Distributed Logic Programming language (DLP), and Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML). You can click here to launch the game from the Web browser. However, before the launch, make sure that Blaxxun Contact (a VRML browser)  has been installed in your computer and the java and javascript supports have been enabled in Netscape web browser. If you have not yet installed Blaxxun VRML browser, you can download it from Blaxxun web site. In order to enable java and javascript supports, for Netscape web browser, just select the followings: Edit -- Preference -- Advanced -- java enabled and java script enabled.