Multimedia Authoring II
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Student Projects (najaar 2003)

Group 1: Bob Klaasse and Natalie Vijlbrief: Snowworld

Group 2: Marcel Kentgens and Mark Breuker: Museum Virtual Guided Tour

Group 3: Raoul Franker, Clara Coepijn, Carl Knelange: Virtual Dance Studio

Group 4: Taoying Yuan and Jie Yang: Virtual Communities

Group 5: Niels Rietkerk and Ricardo Tangali: Something Fishy

Group 6: Wouter Slokker and Kelly Sachs

Group 7: Olaf van Zon and Eric de Boer: Treasure Hunt

Group 8: Tim Verweij and Pascal Snijders Blok: Amazing Labyrinth

Group 9: Bart Gloudemans and Sylvan Vriens: DLOPMAN

Group 10: Els Rogier: Shooting Game

Student Projects (2002)