Fourth International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence for Mental Health and Tree Hole Rescue (AI4MH2024)
14-15 August 2024
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Co-located with the 2024 International Symposium of AI for Medical Sciences
General Information

Dear prospective AI4MH2024 attendants:


AI4MH2024 is designed to promote the research and discussion on the applications of Artificial Intelligence Technology on Mental Health. We are interested in the work of AI approaches for mental health, knowledge graphs of mental health and brain science, Chatbots for mental health and the work of AI for suicide prevention and rescue, and any relevant issues.


In particular, we are interested in the relevant work such as Tree Hole Rescue. Tree Hole Secret is based on an Indian myth. A person who has a secret should go to the forest and look for a tree with a hole. After whispering it into the hole, the secret would stay in the tree forever. Modern Tree hole is a metaphor of a social media in which the owner of the social media is dead and is used for people to express their painful and despair feeling. Many young people express their suicidal feelings and intentions through online social media, e.g., Twitter, Microblog. It provides the possibility of using Artificial Intelligence and big data technology to detect the posts where someone expressed the suicidal signal from internet social media. “Tree-hole Rescue" has provided a succesful case for it.


Selected papers of this workshop will be published in the Journal of AI for Medical Sciences or ACM Proceedings of the 2024 International Symposium of AI for Medical Sciences


The AI4MH2024 workshop will co-locate with the 2024 International Symposium of Artificial Intelligence for Medical Sciences, which will be held on 13-17 August 2024 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


We use two rounds of submission dates for those who need to apply for the visa and those who need no the visa respectively:


Important dates:


For those who need the visa to come to the Netherlands:
Submission: April 20, 2024
Acceptance or rejection: May 10, 2024.


For those who need no visa to come to the Netherlands:
Submission: June 10, 2024
Acceptance or rejection: July 5, 2024.


You should submit the paper (pdf or word, not more than 12 pages) by email to before the deadline.


Donwload the manuscript template from the following link:


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