PION: a Reasoner/System for Processing Inconsistent ONtologies

The classical entailment in logics is explosive: any formula is a logical consequence of a contradiction. Therefore, conclusions drawn from an inconsistent ontology by classical inference may be completely meaningless. An inconsistency reasoner is one which is able to return meaningful answers to queries, given an inconsistent ontology.

PION is a reasoner/system which can return meaningful answers to queries on inconsistent ontologies. PION is powered by XDIG, an extended DIG Decription Logic Interface for Prolog, in particular, for SWI-Prolog. PION supports TELL requests both in DIG and in OWL, and ASK requests in DIG.

Download the PION package (version 2.1.0) for Windows.
Download the PION package (version 1.3.0) for Linux.
The package includes a PION server, an XDIG package(verison 1.3.0), and a PION testbed.

Download the PION document (SEKT Deliverable D3.4.1)

PION requires an external DL reasoner which supports the DIG DL interface, like Racer.

Screenshots of the PION Testbed
Download the video demo of the PION Testbed (39MB)

A Java implementation of the PION reasoner plugin for the LarKC Platform 2.5 is available at the LarKC SourceForge site.

Contact Zhisheng Huang if you have any comment or suggestion.