Multimedia Authoring II
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Student Projects (najaar 2004)

Group 1: Steve Stomp and Zulkarnain, D

Group 2: Davids, S and Vries, JK

Group 3: Thang, H.B and Kruithof, Erik

Group 4: Beek, J.P. and Terpstra, Ronald

Group 5: Dumans, AV and Thijssen, D

Group 6: Schip, Rogier and Vijlbrief, NC

Group 7: Els Rogier: Shooting Game

Group 8: Klaasse, B and Slokker, Wouter

Group 9: Hennipman, EPJ, and Oppelaar, Evert-Jan

Group 10: Bhikharie, Winoe and Cheng, KH

Group 11: Berkvens, D.J. and Riel, C

Group 12: Bleeker, Rudy and Weller, Steven

Student Projects (2002)
Student Projects (2003)