STEP Resource Package

July 2003, version 1.0

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This edition of STEP package includes the latest STEP resources -- papers, engine, script libraries, tools, and avatars.

STEP (Scripting Technology for Embodied Persona) is a scripting language for embodied agents, in particular for their communicative acts like gestures and postures. STEP will be extended for other communicative acts, like facial expression and speech. STEP has been implemented in the distributed logic programming language DLP, a tool for the implementation of 3D web agents .

XSTEP is an XML-based markup/scripting language for embodied agents. It is the XML version of STEP. The XSTEP Editor would help you to edit XSTEP and STEP scripts and translate XSTEP scripts into STEP scripts on IBM's XML editor Xeena.

STEP Source includes the STEP engine, STEP javascript interface, STEP script libraries, and several templates.

DLP includes the lastest release of DLP (dlp1r18N). STEP Tool Package consists of several STEP authoring tools, including a STEP testbed and a rotation measure tool. You can use these tools to load any h-anim humanoid avatar and test your own scripting actions on the avatars online without the installation of any STEP software or DLP tool.

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