21st International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering (WISE 2020)
20-22 Oct 2020
Amsterdam, Netherlands
WISE2020 Program


Conference Proceedings

Springer LNCS 12342: Download the proceedings Part I and Part II here.

October 20, 2020 (Tuesday)


Time and PlaceZoom Conference Room 1
(Meeting ID: 957 4819 3442)
Zoom Conference Room 2
(Meeting ID: 98918011011)
9:00-9:10Opening Ceremony
Chair: Yanchun Zhang
(No activity in Meeting Room 2)
9:00-9:05Welcome Speech
Speaker: Frank van Harmelen
9:05-9:10WISE2020 PC Report
Speaker: Hua Wang
9:10-10:00Keynote 1: Semantics and Reasoning in the Big Data Era
Speaker: Grigoris Antoniou (University of Huddersfield, UK)
Chair: Frank van Harmelen
(No activity in Meeting Room 2)
10:00-11:45Session 1. Knowledge Graph and Entity Linking (Chair: Wouter Beek)Session 2. Spatial and Temporal Data Analysis (Chair: Hua Wang)
10:00-10:20Encoding Knowledge Graph Entity Aliases in Attentive Neural Networks for Wikidata Entity LinkingIndicators for Measuring Tourist Mobility
Isaiah Onando Mulang’, Kuldeep Singh, Akhilesh Vyas, Saeedeh Shekarpour, Maria-Esther Vidal, Jens Lehmann, and SÖren Auer Djebali Sonia, Nicolas Loas and Nicolas Travers
10:20-10:40TransMVG: Knowledge Graph Embedding based on Multiple-Valued GatesModeling Local and Global Flow Aggregation for Traffic Flow Forecasting
Xiaobo Guo, Neng Gao, Jun Yuan, Xin Wang, Lei Wang and Di KangYuan Qu, Yanmin Zhu, Tianzi Zang, Yanan Xu and Jiadi Yu
10:40-11:00Knowledge-Infused Pre-Trained Models for KG CompletionNSA-Net: A NetFlow Sequence Attention Network for VPN Detection
Han Yu, Rong Jiang, Bin Zhou and Aiping LiPeipei Fu, Chang Liu, Qingya Yang, Zhenzhen Li, Zhen Li, Gaopeng Gou and Gang Xiong
11:00-11:15 MULCE: Multi-Level Canonicalization with Embeddings of Open Knowledge BasesSpatial and Temporal Pricing Approach for Tasks in Spatial Crowdsourcing
Tien-Hsuan Wu, Ben Kao, Zhiyong Wu, Xiyang Feng, Qianli Song and Cheng ChenJing Qian and An Liu
11:15-11:30ADKT: Adaptive Deep Knowledge TracingAccurate Indoor Positioning Prediction Using The LSTM and Grey Model
Liangliang He, Jintao Tang, Xiao Li and Ting WangXuqi Fang, Fengyuan Lu, Xuxin Chen and Xinli Huang
11:30-11:45Improving Entity Linking with Graph NetworksBus Travel Time Prediction Based on Deep Spatio-Temporal Model
Ziheng Deng, Zhixu Li and Qiang YangKaixin Zhang, Yongxuan Lai, Liying Jiang and Fan Yang
11:45-12:00TraSP: A General Framework for Online Trajectory Similarity Processing
Zhicheng Pan, Pingfu Chao, Junhua Fang, Wei Chen, Zhixu Li and An Liu
12:45-14:50Session 3. Social Network (Chair: Rui Zhou)Session 4. Information Extraction (Chair: Zhisheng Huang)
12:45-13:05User Profile Linkage across Multiple Social Platforms TaskGenie: Crowd-powered Generation of Struggling Search Tasks
Manman Wang, Wei Chen, Jiajie Xu, Pengpeng Zhao and Lei ZhaoLuyan Xu, Xuan Zhou and Ujwal Gadiraju
13:05-13:25Modeling Implicit Communities from Geo-tagged Event Traces using Spatio-Temporal Point Processes Towards Efficient Retrieval of Top-$k$ Entities in Systems of Engagement
Ankita Likhyani, Vinayak Gupta, Srijith Pk, Deepak P and Srikanta BedathurAnirban Mondal, Nilesh Padhariya and Mukesh Mohania
13:25-13:45Nonnegative Residual Matrix Factorization for Community DetectionA Compare-Aggregate Model with External Knowledge for Query-focused Summarization
Yulong Pei, Cong Liu, Chuanyang Zheng and Long ChengJing Ya, Tingwen Liu and Li Guo
13:45-14:05Budgeted Influence Maximization with Tags in Social Networks An Active Learning Based Hybrid Neural Network for Joint Information Extraction
Suman Banerjee, Bithika Pal and Mamata JenamaniYan Zhuang, Guoliang Li, Wanguo Xue and Fu Zhu
14:05-14:20Detecting Social Spammers in Sina Weibo Using Extreme Deep Factorization MachineSearch Engine Similarity Analysis: A Combined Content and Rankings Approach
Yuhao Wu, Yuzhou Fang, Shuaikang Shang, Lai Wei, Jing Jin and Haizhou WangThodoris Sotiropoulos, Konstantina Dritsa, Haris Skarpetis and Panos Louridas
14:20-14:35Clustering Hashtags Using Temporal PatternsABLA: an algorithm for repairing structure-based locators through attribute annotations
Borui Cai, Guangyan Huang, Shuiqiao Yang, Yong Xiang and Chi-Hung ChiInigo Aldalur, Felix Larrinaga and Alain Perez
14:35-14:50Evaluating Similarity Measures for Dataset Search
Xu Wang, Zhisheng Huang and Frank Van Harmelen
Session 5. Security and Privacy (Chair: Aiping Li)Session 6. Service Computing and Cloud Computing (Chair: Haiyuan Wang)
15:00-15:20Channel Correlation Based Robust Audio Watermarking Mechanism For Stereo Signals A Novel Repair-Based Multi-Objective Algorithm for QoS-Constrained Distributed Data-Intensive Web Service Composition
Tianrui Zong, Yong Xiang, Iynkaran Natgunanathan, Longxiang Gao and Wanlei ZhouSoheila Sadeghiram, Hui Ma and Gang Chen
15:20-15:40Distributed Differential Evolution for Anonymity-Driven Vertical Fragmentation in Outsourcing Data StorageDesigning Context-based Services for Resilient Cyber Physical Production Systems
Yong-Feng Ge, Jinli Cao and Hua WangAda Bagozi, Devis Bianchini and Valeria De Antonellis
15:40-16:00SVD-Based Robust Audio Fingerprinting System for Cross-platform Copyright Protection Subjective Metrics-based Cloud Market Performance Prediction
Juan Zhao, Tianrui Zong, Yong Xiang, Longxiang Gao and Gleb BeliakovAhmed Alharbi and Hai Dong
16:00-16:20Privacy-Preserving Data Generation and Sharing Using Identification Sanitizer Heuristics based Mosaic of Social-Sensor Services for Scene Reconstruction
Shuo Wang, Lingjuan Lyu, Tianle Chen and Shangyu ChenTooba Aamir, Hai Dong and Athman Bouguettaya
16:20-16:40Adaptive Online Learning for Vulnerability Exploitation Time PredictionFast Build Top-k Lightweight Service-based Systems
Jiao Yin, Mingjian Tang, Jinli Cao, Hua Wang and Mingshan YouDandan Peng, Le Sun and Rui Zhou
16:40-16:55A Graph Data Privacy-Preserving Method based on Generative Adversarial NetworksComparison of Text-based and Feature-based Semantic Similarity Between Android Apps
Aiping Li, Junbin Fang, Qianyue Jiang and Bin ZhouMd Kafil Uddin, Qiang He, Caslon Chua and Jun Han
16:55-17:10Towards Web-scale Energy-efficient Hybrid SDNs: Deployment Optimization and Fine-grained Link State Management
Yufei Liu, Shang Cheng and Xinli Huang
17:10-17:25Attention-based High-order Feature Interactions to Enhance the Recommender System for Web-based Knowledge-Sharing Service
Jiayin Lin, Geng Sun, Jun Shen, Tingru Cui, David Pritchard, Dongming Xu, Li Li, Wei Wei, Ghassan Beydoun and Shiping Chen

October 21, 2020 (Wednesday)


Zoom Conference Room 1
(Meeting ID: 986 7596 2872)
Teleconference Zoom Room 2
(Meeting ID: 943 5736 7562)
October 21, 2020 (Wednesday)October 21, 2020 (Wednesday)
9:00-10:00Keynote 2: Human-centric App and Web Engineering
Speaker: John Grundy (Monash University)
Chair: Yanchun Zhang
(No activity in Meeting Room 2)
Session 7. Recommender Systems (Chair: Xueli Pan)Session 8. Database System and Workflow (Chair: Jiangang Ma)
10:00-10:20Double-Wing Mixture of Experts for Streaming RecommendationsA Slice-Based Method to Speed Up Join View Maintenance for Transactions
Yan Zhao, Shoujin Wang, Yan Wang, Hongwei Liu and Weizhe ZhangHuichao Duan, Huiqi Hu and Aoying Zhou
10:20-10:40Modelling Local and Global Dependencies for Next-item RecommendationsLogRank+: A Novel Approach to Support Business Process Event Log Sampling
Nan Wang, Shoujin Wang, Yan Wang, Michael Sheng and Mehmet OrgunCong Liu, Yulong Pei, Qingtian Zeng, Hua Duan and Feng Zhang
10:40-11:00Why-Not Questions & Explanations for Collaborative FilteringA Provenance Model for Scientific Workflows
Maria Stratigi, Katerina Tzompanaki and Kostas StefanidisAnila Butt
11:00-11:20Learning from Multiple Graphs of User and Book Interactions for Campus Book RecommendationA Chunk-Based Hash Table Caching Method for In-Memory Hash Joins
Qiaomei Zhang, Yanmin Zhu, Tianzi Zang and Jiadi YuXing Wei, Huiqi Hu, Xuan Zhou and Aoying Zhou
11:20-11:35A clustering-based collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm via deep learning user side informationAn Asynchronous View Maintenance Approach Based on IO Sharing
Chonghao Zhao, Yiqiu Fang, Xiaoyu Shi and Mingsheng ShangHuichao Duan, Huiqi Hu and Aoying Zhou
11:35-11:50Path-Based Academic Paper RecommendationAQapprox: Aggregation Queries Approximation with Distribution-aware Online Sampling
Shengjun Hua, Wei Chen, Zhixu Li, Pengpeng Zhao and Lei ZhaoHan Wu, Xiaoling Wang and Xingjian Lu
Session 9. Text Mining (Chair: Xiaohui Tao)Session 10. Data Mining and Applications (Chair: Siuly Siuly)
12:45-13:05A Densely Connected Encoder Stack Approach for Multi-type Legal Machine Reading Comprehension Fair Outlier Detection
Peiran Nai, Lin Li and Xiaohui TaoDeepak P and Savitha Sam Abraham
13:05-13:25Topic Analysis by Exploring Headline InformationFine-grained Multi-label Sexism Classification using Semi-supervised Learning
Rong Yan and Guanglai GaoHarika Abburi, Pulkit Parikh, Niyati Chhaya and Vasudeva Varma
13:25-13:45A Text Mining Approach to Extract and Rank InsightsDealing With Ratio Metrics in A/B Testing at the Presence of Intra-User Correlation and Segments
Ludovico Boratto, Gianni Fenu, Francesca Maridina Malloci and Laura PortellKeyu Nie, Yinfei Kong, Ted Tao Yuan and Pauline Berry Burke
13:45-14:05Automatic Complex Word Identification Using Implicit Feedback from User Copy OperationsUAVFog-assisted Data-driven Disaster Response: Architecture, Use Case, and Challenges
Ilan KirshXianglin Wei, Li Li, Chaogang Tang and Suresh Subramaniam
14:05-14:20Automatic action extraction for short text conversation using unsupervised learningA new effective and efficient measure for outlying aspect mining
Senthil Ganesan Yuvaraj, Shayan Zamanirad, Boualem Benatallah, and Carlos RodriguezDurgesh Samariya, Sunil Aryal, Kai Ming Ting and Jiangang Ma
Session 11. Network Embedding (Chair: Zhisheng Huang)
Liang Qi, Luo Dan, Ma Lu, Zhang Peng, Zhou Meilin and Wang BinGuohui Ding, Chenyang Li, Ru Wei, Shasha Sun, Zhaoyu Liu and Chunlong Fan
14:45-15:00A Graph Embedding Based Real-time Social Activity Matching Model for EBSNs RecommendationPredicting MOOCs Dropout with A Deep Model
Gang Wu, Xueyu Li, Kaiqian Cui, Zhiyong Chen and Li XiaFan Wu, Juntao Zhang, Yuling Shi, Xiandi Yang, Wei Song and Zhiyong Peng
15:00-15:15Higher-Order Graph Convolutional Embedding for Temporal NetworksRFRSF: Employee Turnover Prediction based on Random Forests and Survival Analysis
Xian Mo, Jun Pang and Zhiming LiuZiwei Jin, Jiaxing Shang, Qianwen Zhu, Dajiang Liu, Chen Ling, Wu Xie and Baohua Qiang
15:15-15:30Weighted Meta-Path Embedding Learning for Heterogeneous Information NetworksA Deep Sequence-to-Sequence Method for Aircraft Landing Speed Prediction based on QAR Data
Zhang YongjunZongwei Kang, Jiaxing Shang, Yong Feng, Linjiang Zheng, Dajiang Liu and Baohua Qiang
15:30-15:45Competitor Mining from Web Encyclopedia: A Graph Embedding ApproachaDFR: An Attention-based Deep Learning Model for Flight Ranking
Xin Hong, Peiquan Jin and Shouhong WanYuan Yi and Jian Cao
Session 12. Graph Query (Chair: Rui Zhou )
15:45-16:00Fast Algorithm for Distance Dynamics-based Community DetectionRisk Monitoring Services of Discharged SARS-CoV-2 Patients
Maram Saad M Alsahafy and Lijun ChangAda Bagozi, Devis Bianchini, Valeria De Antonellis and Massimiliano Garda
Session 13. Graph Neural Network (Chair: Xu Wang)
16:00-16:20A hybrid index for exact shortest distance queriesFine-grained Semantics-aware Heterogeneous Graph Neural Networks
Junhu Wang, Shikha Anirban, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Hiroaki Shiokawa, Zhiguo Gong and Md Saiful IslamYubin Wang, Zhenyu Zhang, Tingwen Liu, Hongbo Xu, Jingjing Wang and Li Guo
16:20-16:35Leveraging Double Simulation to Efficiently Evaluate Hybrid Patterns on Data GraphsDynGCN: A Dynamic Graph Convolutional Network Based on Spatial-Temporal Modeling
Xiaoying Wu, Dimitri Theodoratos, Dimitrios Skoutas and Michael LanJing Li, Yu Liu and Lei Zou
16:35-16:55DySky: Dynamic Skyline Queries on Uncertain GraphsNeuLP: An End-to-end Deep-learning Model for Link Prediction
Suman Banerjee, Bithika Pal and Mamata JenamaniZhiqiang Zhong, Yang Zhang and Jun Pang
16:55-17:15PLSGAN: a Power-Law-modified Sequential Generative Adversarial Network for Graph Generation
Qijie Bai, Yanting Yin, Yining Lian, Haiwei Zhang and Xiaojie Yuan
17:15-17:30(No activity in Meeting Room 1)Closing Session
Chair: Yanchun Zhang
Best Paper Award
Best Student Paper Award


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