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Video Demo: Pamela gives a presentation on the STEP paper (streaming video)
Video Demo: Pamela, a hanim-based embodied conversational agent (streaming video)
Video Demo: STEP facial animation and speech authoring tool (streaming video)
Video Demo: WASP soccer game (version 1.1) (streaming video)

Use Blaxxun Contact (VRML Browser) to view the following demos.

  • WASP Soccer Player Agents

    WASP Soccer Game is a testbed for multiple intelligent-agent avatars. The program runs on the web browser on which Blaxxun VRML browser has been installed.

    Click here to download WASP soccer game ( version 1.0, for single user) (2.59MB).

    Click here to run the game directly from the Web.

    WASP soccer readme document.

    Watch WASP soccer game online realvideo

  • DLP for Virtual Environment: Examples
    The demonstrations of VRML + DLP (Distributed Logic Programming):

    Example 1: Bus Driving, (DLP program)

    Example 2: Soccer Kicking, (DLP program)

    Example 3: Soccer Kicking with Goalkeeper, (DLP program)

    Example 4: Looking-at-ball, (DLP program)

    If you encounter some problems to run these examples, you can download this example package, unzip it to your local harddisk, and test them locally.