9th International Conference on Health Information Systems (HIS 2020)
20-23 October 2020
Amsterdam and Leiden, Netherlands
Accepted Paper
Paper No.AuthorsTitle
HISC Journal Paper
5Harika Abburi, Pulkit Parikh, Niyati Chhaya and Vasudeva VarmaFine-grained Multi-label Sexism Classification using Semi-supervised Learning
6Ting Liu, Xueli Pan, Xu Wang, K. Anton Feenstra, Jaap Heringa and Zhisheng Huang.Predicting Relationship Between Gut Microbiota and Mental Disorders with Knowledge Graph
13Zhisheng Huang, Qing Hu, Mingqun Liao, Cong Miao, Chengyi Wang and Guanghua Liu. Knowledge Graphs of Kawasaki Disease
20Supriya Supriya, Siuly Siuly, Hua Wang and Yanchun Zhang. Automated Epilepsy Detection Techniques from EEG Signals: A Review Study
25Rubina Sarki, Khandakar Ahmed, Hua Wang and Yanchun Zhang.Automated Detection of Mild and Multi-Class Diabetic Eye Diseases using Deep Learning
26Marjo Rissanen. Translational health technology and systems thinking: Enhancing the dynamics of health informatics
27Pasupathy Vimalachandran´╝î Yongzheng Lin.Improving Accessibility of the Australian My Health Records while Preserving Privacy and Security of the System
37Wenjun Tan, Yang Xu and Gen Li. A Method of Scene Cognitive Rehabilitation Training Based on VR-EEG
Regular Paper
3Fulin Wang and Yun Li. An Auto Question Answering System for Tree Hole Rescue
12Xu Wang, Zhisheng Huang and Frank Van Harmelen. Ontology-based Semantic Similarity Approach for Biomedical Dataset Retrieval
14Chengcheng Fu, Xingpeng Jiang, Ran Zhong, Xiaobin Jiang and Tingting He. An Integrated Knowledge Graph for Microbes-Diseases associations
16Xiaomin Jing, Shaofu Lin and Zhisheng Huang. Research on the Behavior Pattern of Microblog "Tree Hole" Users with Their Temporal Characteristics
17Jianzhuo Yan, Yanan Geng, Hongxia Xu, Shaofeng Tan, Dongdong He, Yongchuan Yu, Sinuo Deng and Xiaoxue Du. A Prediction Model of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Based on First Pregnancy Test Index
21Gert Folkerts, Rogier van de Wetering, Rachelle Bosua and Remko Helms. Exploring New Opportunities for Mental Healthcare Through the Internet of Things (IoT)
22Fawad Taj, Michel Klien and Aart Van Halteren. An agent based framework for persuasive health behavior change intervention
23Feng Lin and Dan Xie. Research on Named Entity Recognition of Traditional Chinese Medicine Electronic Medical Records
24Shekha Chenthara, Khandakar Ahmed, Hua Wang and Frank Whittaker. A HealthChain based system for eReferral in Healthcare using Hyperledger Fabric and InterPlanetary File System
40Pablo Mosteiro, Emil Rijcken, Kalliopi Zervanou, Uzay Kaymak, Floortje Scheepers and Marco Spruit. Making sense of violence risk predictions using clinical notes
61Ravinder Singh. Antisocial Behaviour Analyses using Deep Learning
Short Paper
2Jitao Yang.Genetic Interpretation System for Screening Monogenic Disorders Carriers
4Ming Sheng, Jing Dong, Yong Zhang, Yuelin Bu, Anqi Li, Weihang Lin, Xin Li and Chunxiao Xing. AHIAP: An Agile Medical Named Entity Recognition and Relation Extraction Framework Based on Active Learning
7Yilin Wang, Le Sun, Hua Wang, Nikita Shklovskiy-Kordi, Jun Xu, Yongping Lu, Zhenyuan Kou, Zhenyuan Kou, Zhenyuan Kou and Zhenyuan Kou. A DNN for Arrhythmia Prediction Based on ECG
8Jitao Yang. Design Tailored Nutrition and Weight Control Recommendations Using Nutrigenetics and FFQ
9Jitao Yang. Individualized Medication Guidance based on Pharmacogenomics
18Sergei Shinkariov, Boris Zingerman, Irina Kargalskaya, Arkadii Nozik, Inna Fistul, Lev Evelson, Alexandra Kremenetskaya, Le Sun, Jun Xu, Olga Kremenetskaya and Nikita Shklovskiy-Kordi. Telemedicine System with Elements of Artificial Intelligence for Health Monitoring during COVID-19 Pandemic




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